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There are many paths open to a company to promote its own sustainability. However, too much variety complicates management, control and communication. At Emmi, we are therefore focusing our sustainability commitment on four key areas leading up to 2020 – areas which have the greatest relevance and over which we can have the most influence.

We are supported in this by our partner, WWF Switzerland. In this partnership, WWF Switzerland assumes the role of a demanding, critical but constructive specialist.

Emmi has formulated an objective for each of its four focus areas through to 2020. Achieving these objectives takes priority. We also support selected flagship projects in the topic areas that are particularly commendable or innovative, thus orientating ourselves towards the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Above all, we are committed to acting openly and transparently. An important factor in this regard is our dialogue with various stakeholders.


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