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New sustainability targets

Emmi announces progress towards its sustainability goals and raises the bar with new targets including water usage reduction. Beyond further lowering its environmental impacts, Emmi is also expanding its goal to drive sustainable milk production and positive change in the global dairy eco-system. Further, Emmi is including new reduction targets across its entire value chain and turning to a science-based emissions reduction pathway with a netZERO 2050 vision.


Zero Emission Green Hydrogen

Electric cars are on the rise in passenger transport. In goods transport, fuel cells seem to offer the greatest potential. Hydrogen-powered lorries can be refuelled normally, have a good range and offer sufficient transport capacity. Emmi now has two Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell trucks that run on green hydrogen on the road.


Improve animal welfare

Animal welfare is difficult to measure. Health is undoubtedly a crucial factor. It was with this in mind that we launched the “healthy and long-living” cows project in 2017, which saw a veterinarian provide regular and preventive support to interested dairy farmers over a period of three years to help them keep their cows fit and healthy.


Gerber fondue “often keeps longer”

29 September 2020 is the first UN International Day against Food Waste. The misleading “best before …” is one reason for food waste: it is merely a guarantee of quality, but is often understood as an expiry date. For this reason, Emmi labels selected products with the label “often good after”. Now also the popular Gerber fondue.


“Topless” for the environment

Emmi is removing the extra plastic lids on dairy products like cream and crème fraîche. This move will reduce the amount of plastic used by some 20 %, with a free, reusable alternative available to ensure the same product protection.

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Dairy products «often keep longer»

Products with a best-before date, which include dairy products, often have a much longer shelf life. This is why Emmi is teaming up with Too Good To Go and adding the designation “often keeps longer” to a selection of its products. This phrase is intended to encourage consumers to check the condition of products that have exceeded their best-before date by using their own senses “look, smell, taste” and thus avoid food waste.


Positive CDP rating

By the end of 2020 we want to reduce our global CO2emissions by 25 percent. We provide transparent information on the emissions we cause and the progress we are making in this area. With that in mind, we regularly take part in the CDP. In 2019 we received a B- grade from the climate experts of this globally active non-profit organisation. This means we are still well above the average in comparison with other companies in the food industry.


Environmentally friendly pot wins Sustainability Award 2019

Inspired by the Emmi Vision, an invitation was issued for sustainable Emmi moments in line with the 2019 sustainability motto. The quality of the projects submitted was once again a step up on the previous year. The jury was most impressed by the introduction of a new yogurt pot that produces around 60 % less CO2emissions than a conventional pot.


Offsetting flight emissions

Each year, Emmi employees based in Switzerland fly around the globe an equivalent of 120 times. This generates 1,200 tonnes of CO2. Beginning this year Emmi will offset emissions from unavoidable business travel through financial contributions. The money collected will be used to support a selected project to generate power from FSC wood waste in the Amazon.


Too good to go

To do something against food waste, we support the food rescuers of Too Good To Go and their campaign “often longer good”. We are planning measures for 2020.

More about this campaign

Our new Sustainability Report is available!

In our new Sustainability Report, we give a comprehensive account of our commitment to sustainability. In doing so, we follow the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Emmi Sustainability Report 5 (PDF)

Completion of the study “food-feed competition”

Emmi has committed itself to the development of two indicators that can be used to illustrate the competitive situation between animal feeding and human nutrition.


Emmi Sustainability Award

In 2018, we gave our employees the motto “We are proactive and not afraid of hard work – together”. On 12 April 2019, the best approaches to achieving a great deal together under time and work pressure received awards. First place went to an anti-food waste project.


Here comes the sun!

Some 500 collectors on the roof of Emmi Austria in Nüziders generate around 160,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year. This measure can reduce annual CO2 emissions by a good 15 tonnes of CO2.


The sun rises in Platteville

Emmi Roth is setting an example for environmental protection by investing in a high-performance photovoltaic system at its Platteville site in the state of Wisconsin. The annual reduction in CO2 emissions amounts to 500 tonnes.


Volvo Trucks Drivers Fuel Challenge 2018

Sustainability and efficiency in logistics have many aspects. How drivers behave when on the road is one of them. That’s why Emmi gives its some 200 lorry drivers regular training. The excellent result in the Volvo Trucks Drivers’ Fuel Challenge has now shown that this pays off. At the end of the six-month qualifying phase, five of the top ten positions were held by Emmi drivers.


5,000 tonnes of CO2

Mittelland Molkerei in Suhr is to be connected to the local district heating network. The thermal energy obtained from the waste incineration plant in Buchs will replace the natural gas currently used from 2020 onwards, thereby reducing the annual CO2 emissions of the production site from 6,500 to 1,500 tonnes.


Emmi’s apprentices win 1st price

The myclimate energy and climate workshop is a national project competition for apprentices. Three Emmi teams qualified for the final. One of them won the category “sensitization”. Topic: less paper towels when washing hands.


Introducing Emmi’s milk suppliers

Emmi is the largest milk processor in Switzerland. This is thanks not only to the just under 3,000 employees – spread across 25 sites in Switzerland –but also more than 6,000 dairy farmers, from Aargau to Zug. One hundred of these dairy farmers are now introducing themselves and their farms. They are proud ambassadors for their milk and the products that Emmi makes from it.


Emmi Sustainability Award

In 2017, we gave our employees the motto “We are proactive, and not afraid of hard work – with focus”. In April 2018, the best approaches to keep the focus on the essentials despite time and work pressure were honoured at an atmospheric event at the Messe Luzern.


Project “area competition” launched

Emmi, Swiss milk producers (SMP), Central Switzerland’s milk producers (ZMP) and WWF Switzerland are supporting a project that aims to make it possible to measure the food-feed competition for the land in milk production. Agroscope and HAFL are developing an indicator system for this and testing it on 24 dairy farms. This project runs from January to December 2018.


Emmi joins Soy Network Switzerland

By joining Soy Network Switzerland, Emmi aims to help ensure that only certified soy is used in Swiss milk production.

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Emmi scores good CDP rating

The climate experts working with the global non-profit organisation CDP have given Emmi’s commitment the third-highest rating of B. This places Emmi well above the average both within its industry and within its region (German-speaking countries).

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European plants running on eco-friendly hydropower

From early 2018, Emmi will run its sites in Europe on eco-friendly hydropower. This will reduce the annual CO2 emissions by a further 17,500 tonnes.

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Emmi Sustainability Report 4 (GRI Content Index)

Emmi’s Sustainability Report 4 is based on the G4 version of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and their specifications for the food industry (G4 sector disclosures food processing).

Emmi reports

Emmi wins the ÖKOVISION Sustainability Leadership Award

Since the pulication of specific global sustainability targets, Emmi has received increased attention from sustainability-conscious investors. ÖKOVISION has also taken a close look at Emmi’s commitment to sustainability and honoured it with the ÖKOVISION Sustainability Leadership Award.

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