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We see a healthy corporate culture as a central aspect of sustainable business management, and so our day-to-day work is underpinned by our corporate values. These include the need for every individual to contribute towards the company’s sustainable development through his or her own sense of personal responsibility, honesty and expertise.

«To stand still is to move backwards.» What was said by various protagonists of contemporary history is no less true when applied to businesses: the signs of the times have to be recognised early, and people have to adapt to them. For that we need employees who are ready to accept change and to develop themselves. «We are continually developing!» is a fundamental attitude in our corporate culture.



At Emmi, we tackle challenges bravely, openly and proactively. We use change and different perspectives as opportunities to move forward.

Natalie Rüedi, Chief Human Resources Officer Emmi Group
Natalie Rüedi,

Chief Human Resources Officer Emmi Group