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Emmi regards vocational training and apprenticeships as highly important. They secure for us well-trained employees with the technical skills needed in our sector. Moreover, today’s apprentices are our future specialists and managers. That’s why it matters to us that they should be equipped with the capacity to make sustainable decisions when the time comes. Emmi has joined with the myclimate foundation in launching the Emmi Company Challenge. This is a competition in which our apprentices devise projects that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve resources.

If we are to achieve our sustainability goals, we rely on our staff taking the right decisions in their day-to-day work. Equipping our apprentices with the tools to do this as they embark on their careers is not just consistent but indeed a commitment that will pay off in the longer term. In early 2017, we launched an initiative, in the form of the Sustainability in Vocational Training programme, which brings together both employee development and sustainability.


Sustainability made tangible

We’ve joined with the myclimate climate protection foundation to set up the Emmi Company Challenge, a company-wide project competition for all apprentices. The goal is to devise simple projects to save energy, promote energy efficiency, foster staff’s awareness of the need to reduce greenhouse gas output, or help to reduce it in some other way. The challenge ends with awards being presented for the most creative and most effective projects.

The challenge is designed as a team endeavour. The apprentices explored initial sustainability measures during a site visit. At subsequent workshops, they were able to refresh and deepen their basic knowledge and work out ideas for projects. They were accompanied and guided in this by the experienced team from the myclimate Energy and Climate Laboratory that has been running programmes for apprentices and firms for many years now.

In the summer of 2017, all the teams managed to successfully present their projects to an assembled body of experts and can now work on them. The projects feature everything: the use of efficient LED lamps, ways of using less water, improvements to production lines and processes, a car-sharing project, better ways of recycling waste, and the use of photovoltaics.

The deadline for submission of entries to the competition is in December 2017. A jury will evaluate the submitted projects in early 2018 . All our staff will then be able to vote to decide which team wins. All participating apprentices also take part in the national competition run by the myclimate Energy and Climate Laboratory, giving them an additional platform on which to present their ideas about energy and climate.


The Company Challenge gives our apprentices space for their own initiative and creative ideas and enables them to grow. The projects that emerge from it also reduce greenhouse gas emissions at our production sites and help make these more energy-efficient.

Steffen Trindler, Vocational Training Manager
Steffen Trindler,

Vocational Training Manager