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When we talk about product losses at Emmi, we don’t mean masses of yogurt and cheese being thrown away. Instead, we’re talking about milk and product remains that are left over in pipelines and machines. These remains often end up in wastewater, so that’s worth looking at more closely.

Product losses in manufacturing are an important aspect in the prevention of waste. Such losses are visible in both waste and wastewater. At our largest Swiss production facility in Ostermundigen, sensors in the wastewater now not only register product losses or discrepancies in wastewater quality but also report them automatically. An alarm signals to employees that they must at once set in motion the procedure defined for investigating the cause and remedying it. This development helps reduce food waste.

The project was awarded the Emmi Sustainability Prize in 2016.


A new probe monitors the wastewater values in real time and immediately sounds the alarm in the event of discrepancies. Using cameras, the command centre can immediately identify where the problem lies and prevent products from potentially being lost in the wastewater.

Stephan Zingg, Technical Team Leader, Ostermundigen
Stephan Zingg,

Technical Team Leader, Ostermundigen