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At its Emmen (LU) location, Emmi needs 32 000 tonnes of steam per year to produce Energy-Milk, Luzerner Rahmkäse, yoghurt and other articles from its range. While this volume was previously produced using heating oil, since 2009 around 70 % of the steam has been produced in a CO2-free manner using heat from wood chips.

This project, launched by Emmi together with the Lucerne power plant “ewl”(energie wasser luzern) and Amstutz Holzenergie, enables Emmi to save around 1.8 million litres of heating oil per year, which is equivalent to the requirements of 800 single-family homes. The changeover to the wood chip facility enabled CO2 emissions to be reduced by around 5 300 tonnes per year.


EnergieTatOrt: Play the Energy-Game and win

At the EnergieTatort Places in and around Lucerne, families, young people and children can engage with renewable energies and play games in order to discover the next EnergieTatPlace. The discovery tours show in a playful way where and how the energy revolution in the LucernePlus energy region is being implemented today and in the future.

Emmi processes around 110 million kg of milk per year into various products at its Emmen site. This requires a great deal of energy in the form of steam. Play the energy game and discover how Emmi uses a woodchip system to generate steam for the production of yoghurt, cheese and drinks, thus saving a good 1.8 million litres of heating oil and around 4210 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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Our wood-chip heating system can be safely described as ecological performance. This reduces our annual CO2 emissions by around 4700 tonnes.

Adrian Gander, Responsible of engineering workshop, Emmen, Switzerland
Adrian Gander,

Responsible of engineering workshop, Emmen, Switzerland