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Emmi is like a family!

Manel Zaouali, Aymen Bouchnak, Khouloud Ali, Employees from Vitalait, Mahdia (Tunesia)
Manel Zaouali, Aymen Bouchnak, Khouloud Ali,

Employees from Vitalait, Mahdia (Tunesia)

Three young Vitalait employees worked at the Emmen site for two months. They were impressed by the professionalism of our processes and surprised at how warmly they were welcomed to Switzerland by our employees at Emmi.

“It was tough at first –because of to the language.” Khouloud Ali, a 26-year-old food poduct engineer, switches between English and French. She has never been outside of Tunisia efore. She tells us she is very pleased to be able to spend two months in Switzerland. he three young Tunisians soon settled in. We were looked after by Emmi employees rom the very beginning,” Aymen Bouchnak says. Aged 33 and a qualified industrial logistician, he had to lend a hand in various departments during his two-month stay: Engineering, the Electronics department and Dairy Technology. The Tunisian is impressed by the Engineering department’s high level of sophistication. He also marvels at the size of the workshop.

More efficient

Manel Zaouali, 28, is a technician in the food industry. “She settled in with us very quickly,” says Pius Keiser, Head of Quality Management and Services. In Tunisia, it is her role to quality check the raw materials and conduct process controls. “Here in Emmen, the employees on the lines do this,” she observes, taking the view that this is more efficient and saves time.

Khouloud Ali works in the Development department at Emmen. She reports on what she has been introduced to here. First, new products are tested in a pan in the laboratory, then another test follows on a pilot unit. Only after that is it introduced to the unit. “We don’t follow this three-tier approach – we’re missing the pilot-testing stage.” It is for this reason that new Vitalait desserts are developed in Switzerland. Thomas Arnold, the Emmen Site Manager, says: “Our goal has to be to reduce the need for Development employees to travel to Tunisia because Khouloud will be able to accompany the process on site herself thanks to what she has learnt here.”

Lush green pastures

The three Tunisians are staying at Hotel Bruggli in the vicinity of the Emmen site. Aymen Bouchnak almost couldn’t believe his eyes on his first day: “I heard cow bells ringing and saw all of these green fields. At first, I thought it was artificial grass. I could barely believe how many lush green pastures there were. But this really is how it is in Switzerland.” Our guests from Tunisia have found the image of Swiss people as withdrawn is far from the truth. “We were told the people were introverted,” says Manel Zaouali. “That’s not true. If you ask someone here for directions, they’re happy to help.” This good impression of Switzerland is also due to the way in which the three were taken care of by our employees at Emmi. “There’s always someone around, looking after us, and we get invited everywhere. That’s nice.”