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Emmi’s Dagmersellen site is well known within the company for its pioneering role in waste water management. Since 2014, a micro gas turbine has been part of the complex water pruification process. Upstream of this micro gas turbine there is a reactor in which bacteria break down the carbohydrates in the waste water. This produces biogas, which the micro gas turbine can use to produce approximately 900 MWh of electricity annually. In total, the energy recovered from the on-site-water purification plant in Dagmersellen is equivalent to almost 105,000 litres of heating oil.


Since 2014, we have been operating a microgas turbine in Dagmersellen to produce energy from the organic materials in wastewater, allowing us to save 105,000 litres of heating oil each year.

Rolf Reichlin,

Head of wastewater treatment, Emmi Dagmersellen