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When he’s not working, Vilson Krasniqi loves tinkering. Unlike other enthusiasts for that sort of thing, he doesn’t tinker with things on wheels or invent practical tools to make everyday life easier; instead, he prefers to experiment with Excel. He works at Emmi, and his eccentric hobby has helped him to have an extraordinary career resembling a rags-to-riches story.

Vilson Krasniqi joined Emmi in Emmen as an unskilled cheese store worker in 2002. His line manager soon noticed that he had a flair for handling systems. This wasn’t a matter of chance, but came from his fiddling with Excel in his free time. Thanks to this unusual talent, he was soon doing other and more demanding work for the department, such as compiling skills matrices for future tasks.


Rolling out SAP as a personal development programme

This marked out Vilson Krasniqi as someone who would be capable of bigger things, and at Emmi at the time, there were more than enough of them, as the rollout of SAP had just started. It was a major project that would take years, and Emmi wanted to rely on its own staff wherever possible, not only to be able to make use of their knowledge of the company, but also with the aim of building up newly acquired know-how.

Vilson Krasniqi had the exact characteristics that a future “key user” would need: openness, willingness to learn and a structured approach to thinking. The only thing he needed to develop was confidence in his own abilities. He took a lot of persuading, but was eventually won over to the idea of this new role. Having started, he soon found out that, although the experts threw around lots of unfamiliar abbreviations and terms, these actually stood for processes he understood perfectly well. He soon found himself becoming one of the experts, at which point the head of cheese production in Emmen appointed him his assistant, specialising in systems and the optimisation of processes.


The success of projects depends on the «Vilsons»

Emmi can now point to the rollout of SAP in Switzerland as one of its success stories. For this it can thank above all those members of its staff who were willing to leave positions with which they had long been familiar and venture into completely new territory – people like Vilson Krasniqi. For him, this step was the first on a completely new path. After the project was completed, he began a college decree to become a business process technician, which he is expected to complete in 2018. This newly acquired knowledge will enable him to contribute yet further to Emmi’s development as a modern and process-oriented organisation.



I’m grateful to my line manager for persuading me to believe in my own abilities and to develop myself further.

Vilson Krasniqi, Systems & Process Optimisation Specialist, Emmen, Switzerland
Vilson Krasniqi,

Systems & Process Optimisation Specialist, Emmen, Switzerland