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Reducing the packaging material used for food is always a delicate balancing act. If it makes the packaging significantly less stable and too exposed to air and light, then you lose more than you gain. However, thanks to advances in technology and materials management, we at Emmi review our packaging systems on an ongoing basis. The findings from these reviews are to be increasingly shared across national borders. In Italy, Rachelli – one of our three dessert producers – has been making substantial progress for some time now.

Founded in 1935, Rachelli includes dessert specialities with organic and biodynamic ingredients in its range for sustainability aware consumers. Now, all Rachelli products are even more sustainable. The weight of its tiramisu and profiteroles bulk packaging has been reduced to the extent that 23 fewer tonnes of polypropylene are required annually. The one-off initial investment of CHF 150,000 generates savings of a similar amount annually. For Emmi, saving resources is not just a Swiss particularity, but a concept for international success.



At Rachelli we are saving 23 tonnes of packaging materials each year through smart packaging design for just two items.

William Dallaglio, Managing director Rachelli, Pero, Italy
William Dallaglio,

Managing director Rachelli, Pero, Italy