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It is our fundamental aim that everything we produce can be delivered to our customers as flawless products. Sometimes, though, it’s not possible to prevent more of a product being manufactured than the quantity ordered. Or the wrong packaging material from being used. In such cases, we either sell the products in our factory shops or donate them to non-profit organisations like Tischlein deck dich.

For those instances when the vanilla pots are accidentally filled with strawberry yogurt or more yogurt drinks are stocked than are ordered by our customers, good ideas are called for to prevent food waste. Some of our production facilities operate their own small factory store in which to sell such products. If this is not possible, we are open to non-profit organisations that distribute these products to people in need.

For a number of years, Emmi has worked with Tischlein deck dich and Schweizer Tafel. Both organisations collect surplus, zero-defect food and distribute it to people in need in Switzerland or to social institutions. Tischlein deck dich aims to make a socially beneficial and ecologically sustainable contribution to the respectful handling of food. Each week, it helps around 17,600 people in need at its 120 delivery points. Schweizer Tafel distributes 16 tonnes of food every day.

In 2016, we donated almost 40 tonnes of food to Tischlein deck dich. If this can be called waste, at least it’s for a good cause.