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A high-temperature solar plant was installed on the roof of Lataria Engiadinaisa SA (LESA) at the end of 2011. Through this system, ewz supplies LESA with heat in the form of steam for milk processing. The 115 m2 parabolic high-temperature trough collectors generate 60,000 kWh of heat, which is around 6 % of the amount required. This saves approximately 70 MWh of fossil fuels every year, which corresponds to a reduction of some 21 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The solar plant was awarded the Swiss Solar Prize in 2012.


More about the LESA (German)


Not only is LESA the highest-altitude dairy in Europe, it is also one of the most progressive when it comes to environmental issues. Our high-temperature solar plant enables us to reduce our CO2 emissions by just under 20 tonnes each year.

Beat Klöti,

Manager of LESA, Bever, Switzerland