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Fromagerie de Saignelégier is one of just nine certified Tête de Moine AOP cheese dairies. It produces one million wheels of the small, piquant semi-hard cheese annually. In the past, the dairy needed 200,000 litres of heating oil for cheese production and ageing each year. When the dairy was expanded in 2012, consideration was also given to environmental factors. 17 state-of-the-art solar heat collectors from Zurich-based company NEP Solar were installed on the 627 m2 roof. This represents an annual reduction of 30,000 litres in heating oil consumption, corresponding to 79 tonnes of CO2 saved.


Solar prize publication 2013 [PDF]


Tête de Moine AOP has been manufactured since the 12th century. When it comes to energy production, we use cutting-edge technology at Saignelégier. Our solar heat installation allows us to avoid 90 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

Edwin Schärli,

Operations manager Saignelégier