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The Redwood Hill Farm goat dairy was founded by the Bice family in Sonoma County, California, in 1968. Jennifer Bice, the oldest of ten children, assumed full ownership of the farm in 1978 and founded Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery. She is considered a pioneer in developing expertise in goat’s milk products in the USA and is also a high-profile figure in the goat breeding community.

Redwood Hill produces fully sustainable goat’s milk products, with a focus on animal welfare and environmental protection. In this context, the core focus is environmentally friendly energy production through an 8,000 m2 solar plant, waste prevention as well as conserving and recycling water.

The company runs 100% of its production on renewable energy. Since 2010, it has been able to produce 85 % of the energy required for production, storage and cooling on its own roof with solar energy. The remaining 15% percent come from Sonoma Clean Power, which provides renewable energy from wind and geothermalEach year, Redwood Hill Farm’s 2,548 solar panels help reduce CO2 emissions by around 350 tonnes.


Redwood Hill produces fully sustainable products. With this in mind, it meets the majority of its energy needs itself thanks to an 8,000 m2 solar plant. The remainder is covered by wind energy purchased from local provider Sonoma Green Power.

Jennifer Lynn Bice, Managing Director Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery
Jennifer Lynn Bice,

Managing Director Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery