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Sustainability and efficiency in logistics have many aspects. How drivers behave when on the road is one of them. That’s why Emmi gives its some 200 lorry drivers regular training. The excellent result in the Volvo Trucks Drivers’ Fuel Challenge has now shown that this pays off. At the end of the six-month qualifying phase, five of the top ten positions were held by Emmi drivers. Markus Hofstetter even won bronze at the final Swiss championship.

As part of the global Volvo Trucks Drivers’ Fuel Challenge organised by Volvo, the driving behaviour of every single Volvo lorry driver was recorded, analysed and compared using a telematics system over a six-month period. More than 900 drivers from throughout Switzerland took part, including 102 from Emmi. At the end of this qualifying phase, 46 Emmi lorry drivers ranked in the top 100. This shows that Emmi’s lorry fleet is extremely efficient across the board.

However, what was particularly pleasing was that five of the top ten positions were held by Emmi drivers. Markus Hofstetter, who has been an Emmi driver for many years, came an outstanding third at the final Swiss championship, which involved driving a course in five different Volvo commercial vehicles.

Eng geknüpftes Logistik-Netzwerk

Emmi operates two interconnected logistics networks: one is a platform network linking the production and storage sites with the approximately 200 customer unloading sites, and the other a fine distribution network servicing 4,000 further delivery points throughout Switzerland. The key locations in both networks are Emmen, Ostermundigen, Schlieren and Suhr.

Operating and constantly optimising such comprehensive logistics networks is expensive and time-consuming, so Emmi employs around 550 logistics staff in Switzerland alone. Every day, they ensure that 8,000 pallets are moved with maximum efficiency – partly with the aid of 140 company-owned vehicles (delivery vans and lorries) which, under the Emmi, Burra, Emmi Interfrais, Baumann Käse or Molkerei Biedermann branding, cover a total of 9.3 million kilometres a year.