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Everyone can do their bit to protect the climate. Planting a tree is one option. The Dagmersellen site shined a spotlight on this initiative at various other Emmi locations in Switzerland as part of its tree gifting and planting campaign.

It’s no coincidence that the tree is used as a symbol for sustainability, environmental awareness and climate protection. It embodies the idea of the cycle, of nature in its purest form; while at the same time it is of great benefit to people.

Taking CO2 to where it can be of use

We release too much CO2. The easiest way of removing it from the atmosphere again is through plants. They need the C from the CO2in order to grow.

Given how plausible and simple this climate protection initiative is, tree-planting projects are becoming more and more popular. The main challenge in all of this is to rally enthusiasm among colleagues for the cause through suitable communication. A team from our site in Dagmersellen site has struck the perfect balance between a fun approach and a clear concept.

Emmi forest

To mark its 60th anniversary, the first tree was planted there as part of a special ceremony. By the end of 2020, Dagmersellen will be giving away a tree to every other Emmi location in Switzerland. The aim is to create a virtual Emmi forest from photos of these trees.

A real-life Emmi forest already exists, by the way. It was planted by Emmi employees in 2002 in Stanserhorn, which was damaged by Storm Lothar at the time. The 1,500 spruces, sycamores and other tree species serve as a protection forest there.

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