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Electricity consumption -23 %, water consumption -13 %, fossil fuel consumption -11 %, waste water -11% – this is the result of ten years of professional environmental management at the Ostermundigen site. These improvements also result in annual cost savings of some CHF 300,000 and prove that sustainability is not just an ideological issue.

Our Swiss operations have had professional environmental management in place since the mid-1990s. ISO 14001 certification is standard. After this period of time, an issue can be regarded as established, and it can be assumed that appropriate knowledge exists. However, no conclusions can be drawn as to the degree of commitment with which an issue is promoted – especially as Emmi’s environmental management is not linked to binding targets and measurable objectives.

If continuous improvement measures are developed and implemented in a company over decades, this is due to a large, broadly supported degree of intrinsic motivation. This cannot be prescribed but must be supported and exemplified by the decision-makers.

As performance in terms of key environmental indicators at the Ostermundigen plant coincides with the impression that is made on site – a positive, open, innovative, forward-looking attitude in many respects – the Emmi Sustainability Award jury decided to award a special prize this year to Isidor Lauber, the long-standing site manager and the driving force behind this positive result. Because although sustainability must be practised by everyone in a company, it cannot be done without role models and motivators.

The jury
Marc Heim
Executive Vice President Switzerland / Deputy CEO
Robin Barraclough
Executive Vice President Europe
Thomas Morf
Chief Marketing Officer
Kai Könecke
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Natalie Rüedi
Chief Human Resource Officer
Max Peter
Trade & SCM Switzerland
Energy Agency Swiss Private Sector EnAW
Thomas Pesenti
WWF Switzerland
Daniela Hoffmann
Agricultural Experts