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Natalie Rüedi, Steering Committee Sustainability, hands over the Sustainability Awards to (from left): Gerold Schatt (Dagmersellen), Ruedi Hochstrasser (Molkerei Biedermann) and Sascha Baumann (Suhr).


At the beginning of January 2013, the “Emmi Sustainability Award” was awarded for the first time for outstanding achievements in corporate sustainability. From the projects submitted on the subject of “water”, Molkerei Biedermann’s contribution to reducing wastewater load was selected as the winner.


Rinsing water and product waste from the phase between two different production runs on a machine are collected, separated, and the reusable materials are sold to a pig farm, enabling the level of pollution in the water to be reduced by over 30%. One-off investments of CHF 27,000 have allowed annual savings and income from the pig farm totalling CHF 157,000.

The jury
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Other awarded projects