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Led by Fresh Cheese Development, plant supervisors from eight Emmi sites in Switzerland regularly share their experiences with one another. This sharing of knowledge is well organised and systematic. Specialist knowledge with regard to filtration is not only passed on internally, but also gained from partner companies. This means that know-how at Emmi is constantly growing.

The exchange of experiences in the “Filtration specialist team” also contributes to Emmi’s economic and environmental sustainability. The optimised purification processes can in turn reduce the use of chemicals and increase the lifespan of membranes.

The jury
Robert Muri
Executive Vice President Switzerland and Deputy CEO
Robin Barraclough
Executive Vice President Europe
René Kalt
Kalt Communications GmbH
President of the Jury Emmi Sustainability Award
Natalie Rüedi
Chief Human Resource Officer
Energy Agency Swiss Private Sector EnAW
Thomas Pesenti