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This project was brought to life by Product Development, Production and Sales. At the heart of this project is palm oil – a sustainability topic that has been a subject of discussion across the globe. The demand for palm oil-free products is growing all the time.

At the request of Zurich Zoo, the project team had an open and honest exchange that resulted in Emmi changing its ice cream recipes to replace even the small amount of palm oil remaining in its glazes and stabilising agents.

This achievement has made it possible for Emmi to create added value for its ice-cream customers. The project also has the potential to reliably boost Emmi’s reputation as a sustainable Company.

The jury
Robert Muri
Executive Vice President Switzerland and Deputy CEO
Robin Barraclough
Executive Vice President Europe
René Kalt
Kalt Communications GmbH
President of the Jury Emmi Sustainability Award
Natalie Rüedi
Chief Human Resource Officer
Energy Agency Swiss Private Sector EnAW
Thomas Pesenti