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The price pressure on milk products is very high in many places. So high, in fact, that it is now barely profitable to export yogurts from Switzerland to Europe. Onken yogurts, manufactured in Germany and sold in Germany and the UK, are faced with these challenging market conditions on a daily basis. With this in mind, the product development, procurement and marketing units within the Onken teams at Emmi Deutschland and Emmi UK focused on analysing and optimising the entire Onken concept. Without compromising on quality, the “Onken radical” project delivered massive cost reductions.  One example of the savings generated was the development of a new standardised and environmentally friendly cardboard tray. As a result, this project not only makes economic sense but also helps protect the environment and avoid waste.

This project is worthy of the award because teams, companies and countries all worked together to critically examine the status quo and implement successful improvements. The approach they adopted also shows how complex problems can be successfully resolved by breaking them down into manageable and achievable sub-Tasks.

The jury
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