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Saving resources has become part of the operating culture in Suhr. When it comes to saving energy, Suhr has particularly good staying power. What is handled as a one-off project elsewhere is firmly integrated into the organisation and processes and practised in Suhr. Over the years, an interdisciplinary team has developed a comprehensive and significant database on saving resources, which is the basis for continuous optimisation. In 2017 alone, electricity consumption was reduced by 700,000 kWh in this way. But there are even more good reasons why Suhr was awarded the Emmi Sustainability Prize 2017.

The production team in Suhr has set itself the goal of constantly developing economically sensible measures to save resources. Over the past five years, total savings have amounted to 4,000 megawatt hours of electricity, 1,000 megawatt hours of gas and 30 million litres of water.

After many years of optimisation, the “low-hanging fruit” have been picked in Suhr. To save further resources, experts have to look closely at the details and question the tried and tested. In 2017, the interdisciplinary OptiEnergie  team took on compressed air, water pressure and chilled water. Pumps were replaced, pipes insulated and leaks repaired. This was always done in such a way that the balance between effort and return – in the form of saved resources – was maintained.

To identify where there is still potential for optimisation in the future, all employees must keep an eye on resource consumption in their direct area of activity. The OptiEnergie team therefore also relies on informing and raising awareness among all employees.

Thanks to the energy-saving measures and the awareness-raising campaign, Suhr was able to reduce electricity consumption by 700,000 kilowatt hours or around 3 %  in 2017. This consistent willingness to improve is at the heart of Emmi’s culture. For this reason, Suhr was awarded first place in the Emmi Sustainability Award 2017 in April 2018.

The OptiEnergie team from Suhr (from left): Sascha Baumann, Paul Kaufmann, Mattias Künzli, Hansjörg Bernet, Lukas Känel, Peter Bernegger, Hans-Peter Steuri
The jury
Natalie Rüedi
Chief Human Resource Officer
WWF Switzerland
Thomas Baumgartner
Energy Agency Swiss Private Sector EnAW
Thomas Pesenti
Kai Könecke
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Marc Heim
Executive Vice President Switzerland / Deputy CEO
Robin Barraclough
Executive Vice President Europe
Thomas Morf
Chief Marketing Officer