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At Emmi we have long fostered direct, open and honest communication with our core stakeholders – especially our employees, customers and suppliers.

Gerold Schatt, Head of Sustainability
Gerold Schatt,

Head of Sustainability

We have engaged in dialogue with numerous stakeholders on the further development of our sustainability commitment, producing extremely valuable results for all those involved.

For this reason, we will continue to encourage open and transparent communication in the future – on a general level, but particularly with regard to sustainability in our company. We are open to constructive criticism and suggestions of any kind.

Our partnerships


WWF Switzerland

The WWF Switzerland and Emmi used a loose exchange for all aspects of sustainability for a few years. The WWF Switzerland took the role of a demanding, critical but constructive expert. This has brought us forward in the focusing and further development of our sustainability commitment. For this reason, in autumn 2016, we decided to institutionalize cooperation with the WWF Switzerland in the form of an official partnership.

Together with the WWF Switzerland, we have worked out a number of target formulations with which Emmi’s sustainability in general and environmental protection in particular should be promoted.


Energy and climate protection agency for agriculture.


Association for the promotion of a complementary medical veterinary offer, for reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock farming.


Research project for innovations in future-oriented nutrition and food production.

Soy Network Switzerland

By joining Soy Network Switzerland, we aim to help ensure that only certified soy is used in Swiss milk production.


The goal is to become a recycling economy, but this requires the active commitment of all of us – society, politics and the business community. We must all work together to ensure that Switzerland is preserved for our grandchildren. Several committed companies have launched the PRISMA Innovation Sessions in order to jointly pursue a step-by-step approach to the vision of a recycling economy.


Design for Recycling Plastics Alliance

Most of the plastic packaging in circulation today cannot be recycled, or only at great expense. To promote the recycling of plastic packaging, players along the entire value chain have joined forces to form the “Design for Recycling Plastics Alliance”. The alliance aims to make recycling easier, more transparent, higher quality and more marketable – with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of plastic packaging.

In order to enable innovations in the area of closing the loop of plastic packaging, not only quality but also economic efficiency must be improved. By means of specific incentives, framework conditions and prerequisites must be created so that high-quality plastic recyclates can be made available to the market for the production of new packaging.

Drehscheibe Kreislaufwirtschaft / Circular Economy

Technologically feasible, ecologically necessary and economically sensible: The change from a linear economy to a circular economy makes sense and is urgently needed. The hub puts the various focal points into practice, prepares relevant knowledge and promotes the exchange between the various players.

Partners from industry are offered a platform for the circular economy with the possibility of networking and knowledge transfer. Key topics such as recyclability or extended producer responsibility are dealt with and promoted in a coordinated manner. Swiss Recycling is responsible for project management.

Too Good To Go

We put a lot of heart and soul into our products and are proud of them. That’s why we care if they end up in the trash instead of being eaten. The main reason why food is thrown away is its limited shelf life. Many consumers blindly rely on the date indicated on the packaging. Milk products often have a best before date. However, this is actually only a guarantee of quality. But many consumers find this difficult. They equate this with the consumption date and throw away the food unchecked after expiry, although it would still be flawless. To prevent this in the future, we support the food savers of Too Good To Go.